1. about us

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about us

Quality : Established in 1981, Brian Earley Cabinetry and Woodworking’s focus has been to master the detail. There’s a pride that goes into their work, the knowledge that the end result reflects both your satisfaction and the craftsman’s reputation.

Creativity : Every project is an opportunity for a new perspective. As many of Earley’s clients will attest, Brian and his team bring a creative approach to their work. Through a series of conversations and sketches your idea will begin to take shape.

Craftsmanship : Meticulous measurements, attention to details, the tight corners, the glide of the drawers, joints, inlays, tenons, the fit of the hardware, the alignment of the doors.

Customer Service : Our partnership is really about you. From planning to cleanup, Brian understands that his work is in your home, respecting your time and space, understanding your need to get to the other side.